My days in Las Vegas are numbered, 45 more after today to be exact. After over 7.5 years, I will be moving-on from live entertainment and onto new adventures.

This site has been intended to be a lot of things over the years. It started-out as a site dedicated to my friends and co-workers at Cedar Point (an amusement park in Northern Ohio. They might have a roller-coaster or two…). This was years before facebook, or MySpace, so it was one of the few ways outside of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, remember that?) for us to keep in touch and share photos & stuff in the off-season. I’ve tried LiveJournal-type diary entries.  I’ve dabbled with the idea of making it into a travel blog a couple of times. I’ve also made several attempts at using it to showcase my amatuer photography. No, not that type of photography, you Rule 34 freaks!

But, each attempt has fallen to variations on the same theme: lack of time & interest. It’s easy to say “I’m too busy. I don’t have time for that.” or “Oh, I’ll get around to taking care of that later.” This is true of almost everything in life, and especially things (like an online blog) that don’t fill an immediate need or contribute to what you’re doing right this moment. It seems once you leave college and get out into the “real world” that any time not dedicated to work or to putting out the immediate fires that pop-up in your life is seen as time wasted.  That’s sad.

Now, as I work to wrap-up all the loose ends in my current situation and prepare to pack-up and start a new life in a brand new city, I look back and start to  wonder “Why didn’t I do more of this, or that, or this other thing?” I keep coming back to activities and hobbies related to learning and personal growth. This website and my online presence in general top that list. It’s time to change that.

In college, way back in the mid-1990s, I studied Journalism. This was right as “The Internet” was forming and was this cool, niche, new thing. “The Internet” was seen as a separate entity where all things were possible, and the old rules of the standard world no longer applied. People would talk about “cyberspace” and “the information superhighway” as if they were other places on the map, with different cultures and customs than our own.  I was convinced that I would graduate and then just walk into this new world of technology and do great things. And, I was going to …but then I got distracted.

Since leaving an IT job at my alma matter in 2000, I’ve been able to experience, do, and learn many, many different (and some amazing) things. As with all of our lives, there have been many ups and downs, along with some bizarre lurches sideways. but now, I’m ready to bring it home.

September 8th (45 days from today), will be my last day working for the magic show. I’ve been here for 6.5 of the past 7.5 years, and I’ve been able to experience and learn a lot. It’s now time to take all of these lessons learned and apply them to create new adventures. I’ll be moving to Chicago during the second week of September. It’s time to have the “big city lifestyle” experience in life.

I’ve also decided to get back into technology. I want to be part of team and feel like I am accomplishing something, as opposed to just coming into work and going through the motions for a few hours. It’s risky (in several ways), but, I’m trying to break into the tech startup scene in Chicago.

What in-demand skills do I bring to the table? Not a lot, except analytic & troubleshooting skills and a drive & passion for technology and the possibilities it brings. I have a life-long love of learning new things and an almost obsessive drive to create and solve problems. So, pretty much what most idealistic  college graduates possess, outside of a current IT/Programming degree.

For the next few months, I’m going to use this space to document and discuss/vent-about my transition(s). I hope that by writing about and sharing the experience, I’ll be more focused and proactive with things in my life, instead of allowing life to just happen to me. I will, after all, have an audience… ?

That’s enough rambling for now.


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  1. Higbie! It’s been ages. Hope all is working out during your reboot and wish the best for you. If you find yourself in a need to avoid the Chicago winters, the doors always open here in Charlotte!
    Take care buddy!

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